Worldschooler of the Week – Ricky Shetty – Daddy Blogger

Ricky Shetty, aka Daddy Blogger, is simply put, living the life of his dreams. Ricky and his family (wife and 3 kids) are currently traveling the world looking for adventure, education and to get out of their comfort zones. They have already hit 5 continents and are looking to hit all 7 in the next 2 years. Currently they are in Brazil and are making their way around South America. If any of you are in South America and are looking for meet ups, you can find Ricky here on Worldschooler Connect.

What made you take the leap and begin Worldschooling?

My wife and I left Vancouver, BC, Canada to travel the world with our 3 kids under 5 on Dec 6, 2016. Our son and daughter are still toddlers so they are only missing pre-school. We are not doing any formal textbook education with them instead focusing on self-directed learning (they choose what they want to learn based on our travels). For example, they are now learning about Rainforests since we are visiting the Amazon in Brazil. As to why we chose Worldschooling, we want to teach the kids about the world through travel, culture, and connection with people rather than textbooks alone.

What would you tell your pre-Worldschool self?
They are a LOT of other people doing what we want to do and there are a LOT of resources to support us. We had a lot of fear, self-doubt, and insecurity before we left Canada especially with regards to our kids. However, our children are the ones that adapted flexible to the travel lifestyle while my wife and I were the ones who took longer and got more frustrated (especially with things like language differences and not being able to communicate with the locals)

What is one travel hack you would pass on to fellow travelers?

Definitely start a Travel Blog immediately as we have saved thousands and thousands of dollars through getting sponsored travel (free hotel stays, free sightseeing, free restaurant meals, free transport).

What words do you live by?

“JUST DID IT” – we all know the famous Nike slogan “Just Do It” – however, most of us don’t just do it right away. We wait. We delay. We find excuses. We procrastinate. So, I have been focusing on taking radical, massive action and completing things as soon as possible so I can proclaim “JUST DID IT.” There is a deep sense of inner satisfaction and accomplishment when you know you have completed something meaningful.


MEET EVERYONE – I want to consciously and proactively meet people from around the world to help them, connect with them, and learn from them.

DO EVERYTHING – I want to challenge myself by doing the things I have never done before (so far, I have already done Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Paragliding, Parasailing, Shark Cage Diving, Scuba Diving, Zorbing, Swimming with Dolphins, visited the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Greek Islands, Air’s 5/6 Disneylands around the world, the biggest waterfalls in the world in Iguazu, the tallest building in the world in Dubai, rode the fastest rollercoaster in the world in Abu Dhabi, and much more)

GO EVERYWHERE – I have currently been to over 600 cities in 62 countries on 6 continents and I’m only 40 years old. My goal is to visit every country in the world before I reach 50 years old. My goal is to see each country deeply not just rush through them for the sake of accomplishing this dream. Therefore, we do about 1 month in each country (longer for bigger countries and shorter for smaller countries). My kids have already been to 5 continents by the time they each reached 5 years old. My goal is to take them to all 7 continents by the time they hit 7 years old.

Do you consider yourselves rebels?

YES – we live our lives very unconventionally. For example, my background is Indian but born in Canada. My wife is Filipino but immigrated to Canada. Our kids are a fusion of Canadian-Indian-Filipino. My background is Hindu but I became a Christian in University and my wife grew up Catholic but is now a Christian too. We met while volunteering at a local Church. I proposed using a Flash Mob, got married on a boat, and had our honeymoon on a Cruise. After having our children, we sold everything and are now we are traveling around the world with our 3 kids under 5 – yes, very unconventional! Normal is boring. We only have one life so live it to the max! 🙂

How long do you typically stay in one place?

We stay about 1 month in each country. In big cities about 1-2 weeks and in smaller towns, 2-3 days. If we like a place we stay longer and if we don’t, we leave earlier. Even though we have a general travel route, we are flexible on dates and places so we can be spontaneous while still having a plan.

What do you think the future of Worldschooling looks like?

Great question! I think more and more parents will be drawn to the Worldschooling and Digital Nomad Lifestyle especially as more people realize they can make money while traveling the world through things like Skype Coaching, Mastermind Groups, Online Workshops, Teaching ESL Online, Social Media Marketing, Web & Graphic Design, Writing & Editing, Kindle/Amazon, eCommerce Stores, and much more.

Where can people find you?

Find Worldschoolers near you all over the globe for play dates, meet ups and adventure. Create a profile today and add your current location to our map. Direct message families near you to connect. Worldschooler Connect!