Worldschooler of the Week – Nanouk van Gennip

This week’s Worldschooler of the Week is 1/4 of the Digital Nomads With Kids, Nanouk van Gennip. They have been traveling full time since last year and have already amassed an impressive list of visited countries. Our Worldschooler of the Week thus far have all had older children. I thought it would be great to get the perspective of a tribe member traveling fulltime with babies. Cause really, there is no age limits on Worldschooling.

How long have you been traveling?

Last year, we have been traveling for six months with our 1yo. We sold our house, quit our jobs and just left. It was a very exciting time! We traveled with an RV through the south of Europe; France, Spain, and Portugal. Meanwhile, we were setting up our remote business.

I then got pregnant, so we returned to the Netherlands where I wanted to deliver the baby. Our baby is now three months old, and she is so cute:)

Do you currently travel from a home-base?

No, we don’t have a home-base. When we returned to the Netherlands, we bought a house again. We want to continue traveling in a few weeks so we are currently looking for a decent (expat) family that would like to rent our house. We keep the house, but it won’t be our home-base because another family will live in it.

However, my parents’ place is big enough to shelter us and our RV, so that feels like a bit of a home-base.

How long do you typically stay in one place?

It varies. We stay from 2 weeks up to 2 months on one campsite. It depends on the weather, the quality of the WiFi connection and the campsite if we stay or go. Our oldest is two years old and loves to play with other kids, so from now on; we want to take this into account as well. We like to meet other traveling families and are willing to reschedule our travels if necessary.

What does the term Worldschooling mean to you?

We don’t know yet what worldschooling means to us. We are growing into it. A year ago, education on the road was not yet in our thoughts, because our boy was so still very young. Now, it becomes more realistic, and we are broadening our mindset constantly.

How do you believe Worldschooling can apply to younger children and babies?

Children are implicitly curious. We as parents only have to guide them a bit. For example, on campsites, we let our 1yo walk around and explore everything nature has to offer. He learns what stones are and experiences that the grass is wet in the morning. All the while, we explain the what, why and how. Even though he does not fully understand yet, he picks up a few things.

He can talk a bit now, and he asks “what’s that?” almost constantly. Although I must admit, it sounds more like the French “qu’est-ce que c’est”. We reward this curiosity by answering all his questions.

Do you see yourself continuing down the Worldschooling path once your children are school age?


What words do you live by?

We don’t have a motto, but we do follow the sun in our travels. If it rains a lot, we continue moving until the sun shines again. By the way, we also follow the WiFi 😉

Where can people find you?

I have a blog called Digital Nomad with Kids




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