Worldschooler of the Week – Paul & Becky Kortman


Paul and Becky Kortman along with their 4 children are Full Timers (Living in an RV) currently living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Their Facebook page Location Independent Families has rapidly grown in popularity and has a very active membership. If you have a full time travel question, someone will certainly answer it on LIFer’s. Paul also leads a LIF MasterMind group which was instrumental in the creation and launch of Worldschooler Connect. You can find Paul and Becky on their weekly podcast NomadTogether, where they tackle topics from finance to baby wearing and all things independent lifestyle.

  1. How long have you been traveling?

We sold out house 3 years ago, since then we’ve been stationary once for 9 months and once for 6 months, otherwise we’ve moved every couple of weeks 🙂

  1. What kind of schooling do you do?

Mix of home/unschooling… we focus on book work for math and reading, the rest we figure out as we journey.

  1. What do your kids love most about travel?

Seeing new things, and the excitement of finding a great spot.  They like having a vote and learning what makes a spot good or bad.

  1. What is one travel hack you would pass on to fellow travelers?

Join a community online and get involved. We have found awesome places and adventures by telling others what we’re doing or where we’re going and the advice of what to do, how to travel, or secret spots just pours out!

  1. What does the term Worldschooling mean to you?

Learner-led, allowing the world, the interactions around you help teach and shape you.

  1. What words do you live by?

If it’s going to hurt, make it hurt once.

If you’re going to laugh about it later might as well laugh about it now.

  1. Do you consider yourselves rebels?

Why yes, yes we do! We’ve bucked the system and chosen our own path. We shape and design our life instead of living the “shoulds”.

  1. Where can people find you? Website, social media, podcast, etc.

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