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Our Family Travels is a family of 4 (Dad, Mum, Daughter & Son) from the UK. They’ve been traveling full time now for the past 6 months.  They’re looking to expose their kids to as many countries and it’s people to shape them as the adults they will one day become. They are currently hunting for culture, experiences and  adventure in New Zealand, but this week you’ll find them right here as our Worldschoolers of the Week.

How long have you been traveling?

We have been traveling for nearly 6 months now.  Starting with a week in the UK after our house sold to visit friends and family.  We then explored Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia for the next five and a half months.  Currently we have just started our New Zealand adventure.

What kind of schooling do you do?

We are attempting to home school and concentrate on Maths and English, letting the places we visit cover off all the other subjects when possible.   Since we are fast travelling (backpacking), we rely on digital learning on the children’s tablets.  Both kids are signed up to Prodigy Math and Komodo Math.  We’re using Reading Eggs for our daughter to learn to read.   The kids keep a journal to keep up with handwriting.  It is met with some resistance from the kids and we tend to fit our learning around visiting places so there is no set pattern, we sometime learn on the go!

What made you take the leap and begin Worldschooling?

Dad had traveled solo for nine months and Mum had also had shorter solo trips so we both had the travel bug.  There is so much of the world to see but it is impossible to do during the allocated holiday allowance while working.  After watching ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ it stirred something in us and we began talking about setting off traveling with the kids.

One day we stumbled upon a family from the UK who were just setting out for a six month adventure of their own (The McAvoys).  We asked if we could follow on Facebook and from there found the Worldschoolers Group.  The group really help fuel the desire to travel so we started selling our items, eventually selling our house and car to set off for our adventure.

What do your kids love most about travel?

Our kids love the different methods of transport that we use.  Their favorite by far are Tuk Tuks but they have also enjoyed staying on boats and sleeper trains.   Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat has also been something they have enjoyed.

What is one travel hack you would pass on to fellow travelers?

Fellow travelers have probably got most things in more order than we have!!  If we had to choose something to suggest it would have to be packing cubes.  If you’ve not got these yet then they should be next on your shopping list

What does the term Worldschooling mean to you?

Mostly we think of it as a community of like minded people.  People dedicated to teaching their children to appreciate all that this world has to offer.  We each have our own styles and our own journeys.  Some slow travel, others fast travel while some are in the middle.  The same applies for schooling methods.  Some un-school, others follow a strict curriculum while some are in the middle.

What words do you live by?

A couple of quotes spring to mind: ‘Feel the fear and then do it anyway’ and ‘You were not born to work, pay bills and die’

Where can people find you? Blog, Website, Podcast?

Facebook –

Website –

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