Worldschooler of the Week – Lara Lineback Jarrell

You don’t have to travel full time to be a Worldschooler! Meet this week’s Worldschooler of the Week, Lara Lineback Jarrell. Lara and her family, currently home-base outside Nashville, TN where they try to live off the land as much as possible. They have been Worldschooling for 7 months now after watching their children struggle with traditional schooling. I think many of us can relate with that statement. Now, 8 questions with Lara Lineback Jarrell:

How long have you been traveling?

Unfortunately, we are only part-time travelers. We have been traveling since our twins were two years-old and have been Worldschooling for seven months.

The term Worldschooling, what does it mean to you?

Using our five senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) to explore, and learn about the world. To us, worldschooling is about exploring other cultures, and God’s creation.

What made you take the leap and begin Worldschooling?

Seeing the struggles our children were having with traditional schooling. We believe our children were not made to sit behind a desk for eight hours a day. We witnessed them thriving and learning by experiencing their environment. Worldschooling was a good fit for our family.

Can you give us one tip you would give an aspiring Worldschooler?

Start when your kids are young. They are like sponges and are eager to learn. Even if you can only travel close to home and do a few trips a year. You will never regret it, and your children will thrive.

What do you think the future of Worldschooling looks like?

We think Worldschooling is a movement, and we will see more  families opt out of traditional schooling. Many families have careers they can do from home, and they will be able to mobilize their families. Worldschooling is becoming a lifestyle choice. We are excited to see what happens in the next few years.

What words do you live by?

For our family, our religion defines who we are. Our family’s mantra is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31. We love, and embrace the diversity this world has to offer. Worldschooling allows us to experience diverse cultures, and to make new friends all over the world.

Do you consider yourselves rebels?

No, we are just a family who doesn’t believe in conformity. We are just doing what is best for our family. Worldschooling isn’t a good fit for everyone.

Where can people find you?

Our home base is in a little town outside of Nashville, TN. We try and live off our land as much as possible. We make soap and other products using beeswax and honey from our bees. You can find our handcrafted items in our ETSY store at

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