Worldschooler of the Week – Kids ‘n’ Go

Kids ‘n’ Go are a family of three traveling non-stop for 10 years, living in the places they visit. They take it slowly because they find it super exciting to experience the place as local people do with all its colors, smells and energy. As a family they’ve lived and visited more than 20 countries. Their son has never attended school and he’s been doing fantastic. He’s learned how to read and write in two languages completely on his own with their minimal support only. He’s an enthusiastic child with big dreams! They are all passionate about experiential education, cross-cultural learning and entrepreneurial education. They are professional teacher trainers, early years and play work assessors and learning designers. Although they’ve worked for schools, universities and other education institutions around the world, their hearts are truly dedicated to supporting home educating and worldschooling parents through their own projects.  This week we are proud to have them as our Worldschoolers of the Week.

How long have you been traveling?

We’ve been on the go for the past 10 years now, living the world and enjoying it like locals do. Our journey began when our son was only 6 months old so you can say the world is his home and his playground. When we stay in one place too long he often says: “I feel like flying somewhere again!” We don’t have any permanent home to come back to except for our family in Poland. It’s where we touch base for family reunions. We see ourselves traveling forever as for us traveling means learning and there are so many beautiful places to experience. You never stop learning as long as you want and we are always ready for more!

What does the term Worldschooling mean to you?

Because traveling is our lifestyle worldschooling becomes naturally embedded in the whole experience. However, we prefer to use the term natural learning because this is what happens to us every single day we spend in the world, no matter where we are. The world is a context where the whole learning occurs naturally. Also, because our son has never been to school we are naturally more focused on the process of learning. However, as educators we see how living in the world offers holistic learning experience for anyone and especially for children. Their beauty is that they are naturally open minded and this helps them welcome cultural differences with ease, as an added value. They observe and easily adjust themselves to the new environment without judgments because for them everything has a potential for yet another super exciting adventure. Obviously they notice the differences and draw their own conclusions but hardly ever judge. They just take whatever there is and work with it! And in this sense worldschooling is an amazing opportunity for a child to understanding the world better, go beyond the familiar, and build positive relationships with other people no matter what their cultural or religious background. We are big fans of cross-cultural education, and traveling the world is one the best ways to support harmonious social-emotional growth because being in harmony with oneself and others makes us happier human beings and creates an amazing potential for new cross-cultural projects that can make a real difference in the world.

What made you take the leap and begin Worldschooling?

When we left our country over 10 years ago we didn’t really have an intention to travel non-stop, but we soon realized that we were just not able to stay in one place to settle. The reason is we discovered how much we learn each time we change our place, and how much our perspective of the world changes. It’s not about what we see or what places we visit. It’s much more about to what extent we use all the fantastic opportunities that the particular place offers to learn more about ourselves and other people. Changing places creates new exciting possibilities but also challenges, and approaching them with open mind brings you to the whole new level of being. You think you know something but the next day it turns out you know only your own perspective, which is no better or worse than that of the locals. If you are willing to stretch your perspective then it may suddenly become much, much easier to face the world with all its colors. For us this has been so far the biggest lesson, and we are happy to see how natural this has already become for our son.

What would you tell your pre-Worldschool self?

To move on and grow you need to be able to reflect back just to see how things can be improved and done better today or tomorrow. Not in order to find fault, but to be able to create more exciting and wholesome environment and experiences for yourself and your family. We believe that the way we did things was the way we were ready to do them, and it was the best we could do at that particular time. But knowing how and why we did them helped us make different decisions which, as a result, bring more joy now, more space to be together and experience the world the way we really want to.

What do you think the future of Worldschooling looks like?

We think it’s amazing the way it’s been growing so far. More and more people realize the importance of hands-on education, cross-cultural communication and personal growth, which is what worldschooling is really all about. We’re sure that all of us who live this way already know that we are not doing it just to see the world. There is much more in it for us and for our children. We are really, really happy that the movement is growing so fast and as educators we are more than sure that this will very soon be one of the most popular and sought after ways of educating children. As part of our professional projects we promote entrepreneurial education for children, and worldschooling is a perfect environment for this kind of education to happen naturally. It’s all about becoming confident of who you are, what your talents and strengths are, and how you can effectively use them to empower others and make a change in the world. Worldschooling supports decision making, helps children develop an open mind, exposes children to various living conditions and cultural differences, which support them to go beyond the known. These kids have lots of opportunities for safe risk-taking, decision making and stretching their social and communication skills. This is all they need to become successful entrepreneurs in the broader sense, to find their passions and life missions, and bring them to this beautiful world to empower others. Many worldschooling families are location-independent where parents work online. Worldschooled children already have an immense sense of freedom and easiness to adopt to new environments. They already see the new possibilities for leading a happy and meaningful life and for financial freedom. These children are what the world needs at the moment and in the future because they are mentally and emotionally ready for the current and the future reality. They can easily become effective and empowering leaders on a smaller and bigger scale who can make positive changes. It’s up to them to decide. So, this is why we strongly believe that worldschooling and home education will become the more and more popular life style choice and actually the only effective educational choice there is. The education cannot be more personalized and child-centered than it is in worldschooling and home education!

What words do you live by?

Think BIG, go after your dreams and never give up! We live by these words every single day believing that we shape our world and the reality we live in. No dreams are too big for us even when everyone around says the opposite. It’s much easier to go for a dream when you believe that you are the only one responsible for making it happen. You become unstoppable and the Universe is on your side. Things suddenly seem effortless and happen very quickly. Every day you see miracles happening in front of your eyes. We’ve got so much evidence that what we dream about depends entirely on our own efforts that there is no way we can become discouraged. When you travel intensively, you learn how to adapt very quickly, and you are able to adjust your planning and your action course momentarily. You can find many different ways to achieve your goals. You follow your heart and you know what you need to do. You learn how to recognize the signs and then you react. Trust plays a big role here. But it’s easier to trust when you know that you create your own destiny! This is also part of the entrepreneurial education that we need so much in our world nowadays. Formal schooling does not prepare children for Thinking BIG and following their dreams. As worldschooling parents and home educators our mission is to fill this gap and offer the education that promotes these values. At the moment we are preparing to launch a range of online courses for home educating and worldschooling parents to help them empower their children. The courses will focus on finding their own personal goals behind homeschooling, the right kind of planning as well as the learning process evaluation that are not only in line with governmental requirements, but first of all embrace child’s individuality supported by natural learning.

What is one tip you would give an aspiring Worldschooler?

It’s important to discover why you are thinking of worldschooling and how it may help you grow as a person and as a family. It’s not always clear in the very beginning but as you go you might ask yourselves these questions and see if you are coming closer to identifying your process. The very journey is the process but reflection might help you squeeze a loooot of it! As a technical tip – do your research, read about the places you are planning to visit, ask people about their experiences just to know what to expect. It’s the simplest things such as season, weather, prices, food, Wi-Fi, best accommodation, transport, cultural differences, opportunities for social interaction, etc. But in the end make sure you do what you think is best for your family. We often ask other people about their experiences and then when we arrive at the place it turns out that ours are completely different. Then we discover that it’s probably because we have different values, beliefs, priorities and life styles. So, it’s important to know what to expect but even more to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Where can people find you?

We are always happy to meet with worldschooling families wherever we are to exchange experiences, and Julius is always looking to make friends. We usually stay in one location for longer, between 1-2 months so it gives us plenty of time to build meaningful relationships.

When it comes to online presence we have a few websites that we started some time ago – and . They are focused on what we do as travelers and as educators. They may be not always up-to-date but there’s plenty of good reads which mostly evolve around parenting on the go and natural learning. They reflect our own point of view on education as professionals and as parents, and since we specialize in hands-on education, cross-cultural learning, entrepreneurial education, child safety and home schooling you will always find something around planning, high quality learning experiences and resources. We also offer educational advisory for businesses (E2B). More information on this activity can be found on

At the moment we are preparing to launch our first e-learning courses for home educating and world schooling parents that will help them with planning and assessment, so right now our main focus and energy is going into this project. We are more than happy to let you know as soon as we are ready.

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