Worldschooler of the Week – Aventuras Nomadas

Martin & Lorena,  otherwise known as Aventuras Nomadas (The Nomadic Adventures) and their two boys, 13 & 10, are Argentinian expats. They have been living in Mexico for over 14 years, starting in Mexico City and then moving to their current location in Playa de Carman more than 7 years ago. They Worldschool their two boys, using the world around them as “projects” while fueling their travels with a location independent business. You can usually find them exploring Mexico, but this week they are our Worldschooler of the Week.

How long have you been traveling?
We’ve been travelling from the moment we moved from Argentina to Mexico almost 15 years ago. Every chance we had, we ventured to little towns around Mexico and when the kids were born
we started to travel longer and farther.

What made you take the leap and begin Worldschooling?
On our homeschool/unschool journey we were actually worldschooling. We started having projects about different places and they included everything about it (from travel costs to history, food, music and so on) Once we were “road-tripping USA” (as a project) and that was the day when we thought we could travel more if we had an independent income so we created one.

What is one tip you would give an aspiring Worldschooler?
Do it in your own pace, you can start small, local and see if your family is able to support it and/or like it. I read about families that sell everything and quit jobs to find out they don’t have an income to keep doing it after a year or two or some members of the family prefer to come back home.

What does the term worldschooling mean to you?
For us worldschooling is not only about learning facts but to be immersed and share our life with others (that was one reason we moved to Playa del Carmen 7 1/2 years ago where there are people from all over the world). For us it is not the same to read about a place than being there, watch pictures or videos of food than taste it. When we visited Iguazu falls our kids felt the sound of the water, the mist on their faces and saw rainbows on site. In Mexico they learned about conquerors while visiting museums, watching little towns’ architecture or churches built on top of pyramids. Experience beats any book!

What would you tell your pre-Worldschool self?
I believe our homeschool transition to unschooling and worldschooling  just happened in a very normal way but I would have started before thinking about creating an independent income because it gave us more freedom.

What words do you live by?
Life is short, enjoy every little thing!

Do you consider yourselves rebels?
I guess for others we are kind of rebels, people still does not understand our lifestyle. When we started homeschooling people thought we were crazy, HS in Mexico is a pretty new alternative of learning so imagine their faces when we say we are worldschoolers!

Where can people find you?
Please connect with us at Aventuras Nomadas blog, FacebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube

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