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Jason Jenkins is the host of An Epic Education, a fabulous podcast that we have listened to all year. It’s a weekly show covering all things family travel, from education to destinations. He has been living and traveling abroad since 1997 and has been slow traveling with his wife, Keiko and two kids since 2013. They are currently living in Valencia, Spain and this week you can find them right here on Worldschooler Connect. Now 8 questions about life, travel and worldschooling with Jason Andrew Jenkins.

1. How long have you been traveling?

We started slow-traveling full time in 2013.

2. What kind of schooling do you do?

When we started moving around Southeast Asia, we first attempted conventional homeschooling, then moved into what most people would consider world/schooling/unschooling (self-directed) learning, and then found a middle ground where the kids led their learning.

After two years in this vein, we moved to Spain put the kids in local schools and the kids have thrived there, too. None of us spoke Spanish at the time, yet one year later they have heaps of friends and are now at home with Spanish language and culture

3. What do your kids love most about travel?

They are thrill seekers, so they love it when when we do something a little adventurous. For example, we’ve been jungle trekking with orangutans in Sumatra, rock climbing in Thailand, surfing in Mexico and canyoning in Spain. We also love food, so trying new things in local markets and cooking classes in new countries are always a thrill.

4. What is one travel hack you would pass on to fellow travelers?

If traveling in hot places, carry a collapsible insulated bag with you. Freeze a water bottle overnight and then carry it with you. It will keep other drinks cool all day, and provides ice-cold water as it melts. This may not be the usual travel hack you get, but it has made us happy for three years in hot & humid places.

5. What does the term worldschooling mean to you?

Worldschooling is interpreted many ways, but I’d say my goal with travel and worldschooling is to nurture resourceful kids. I want my kids to have the self awareness to understand exactly what they know and what they don’t, and then leverage what they know to get what they want in life.

6. What words do you live by?

Fall down seven times. Stand up eight.

7. Do you consider yourselves rebels?

I certainly did when we started, but we’ve met so many people with similar goals and values so now I think it’s more like being part of a movement than a rebellion.

8. Where can people find you? Website, social media, podcast, etc.

Our website is An Epic Education

My Family Travel Podcast is Epic Education Radio





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