Go Figure With Jen – Virtual Math Classes

Go Figure With Jen – Virtual Math Class

As a full time traveling family with very limited space, we travel in a Honda Insight (Think Prius), we are continuously looking for online opportunities for our kids to explore their interest. By necessity we’re not fans of anything that isn’t completed online or in person with no textbooks or equipment to lug around the world. I’m sure many of you can feel our pain. Today we are excited to tell you about Go Figure With Jen, a virtual math class that offers a variety of quality interactive mathematics classes to homeschool/unschool/worldschool students from the comfort of your home or anywhere around the globe. Students have taken the class from US, Mexico, England and now Southeast Asia!

Go Figure With Jen also offers Distant Portfolio Evaluations, a major element of many of our educational programs. Evaluations can be completed locally in Pinellas County, FL or via the Internet/Facebook/Skype. Visit their Distant Portfolio Evaluation page for more details.


A Typical Class Session Consists Of:
Students enter the virtual classroom at specified times.
The students and teacher can all see, hear, & talk with one another as well as watch videos and take turns writing on the white board. It’s a very interactive experience.
Teacher notes who is present
Answer questions and review the previous lesson or homework assignment to work out any kinks
Introduction of new concept by instructor
Guides practice working through workbook examples
Students can expect to be called upon to provide input, answers, explanations and strategies
Students can be expected to “take the wheel” and demonstrate his/her work on the white board
Collaborate respectfully for complete understanding of each math concept they encounter
Instructor addresses students’ questions or concerns throughout class or in some cases after class privately
After the teacher feels the students have a good grasp on the new concept(s) “on your own” work will be assigned at the end of class
Each class session lasts between 45 – 75 minutes depending on subject matter

In Between Class Meetings:
“On your own” work will be emailed in to the instructor via photo of worksheet page.
Student will receive feedback on the assignment and occasionally asked to make corrections.
Instructor is available to answer questions throughout the week, any day of the week.

Upcoming Spring Schedule

January 23, 30
February 6, 13, 20, 27
March 6, 20, 27
April 3, 10, 17
*Spring Break – Week of March 13


The Spring semester begins January 23, so register as soon as possible!
Registration is now open on the Go Figure With Jen Website. REGISTER HERE