Worldschooler of the Week – Four On The Go

This weeks Worldschooler of the Week is Four On The Go. Jennifer (Mum), Randal (Dad), Kai (11) and Mia (8) are from Vancouver, Canada and they have been Worldschooling for 6 months. They love experiencing new things and meeting new people. You can find them right here on Worldschooler Connect, so if you find yourselves near them, send them a direct message and have an adventure. Without further ado, 8 questions with Four On The Go.

How long have you been traveling? 

We’ve been travelling since July 2, 2016.

What do your kids love most about travel?

My daughter says she loves arriving in new countries and meeting new people. My son says he loves how he’s learning this year. We are homeschooling but Math is the only subject that I insist we do daily- the rest of his learning is hands on.

What made you take the leap and begin Worldschooling? 

We wanted to slow down our lives and spend quality time as a family. Before we left life was getting crazy with work, school and the kids activities. My husband and I were always running around and passing each other like ships in the night. One day, we just decided to make our dream a reality and go for it. It helped that our real estate market had gone out of control, so we quickly sold our home and most of our belongings and 6 months later left for our trip.

What is one tip you would give an aspiring Worldschooler?

Just do it. Don’t worry about the future and the unknown, somehow it will all work out and be worth it! You will never feel 100% prepared.

What does the term Worldschooling mean to you? 

Finding teachable moments in travel and learning through our everyday experiences.

What would you tell your pre-Worldschool self?

Not to worry so much. I’m a planner and I couldn’t imagine selling everything we own to travel indefinitely, now I love this lifestyle so much I can’t imagine going back to everyday life.

What words do you live by?  

“We would rather own little and see the world, than own a lot and see little”  Alexander Sattler.   We sold almost everything to be able to make this trip a reality and when we eventually return home we have decided to live more simply to allow us to continue to travel.

Where can people find you? Blog, Website, Podcast, Social Media, Etc.?

Website: (we’ve been enjoying our travels so much that I’m a bit behind!!)


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