A Unique Introduction to Worldschooling in France

Bonjour! My name is Elizabeth Porter and I am the owner of Bon Voyage French School. Bon Voyage French School is a unique, online French program offering live language and culture classes as well as TWO very unique travel opportunities! I’m a National Board Certified French teacher and completely bilingual in French and English!

It has always been my dream to own my own French School and offer the world the opportunity to truly experience the France that I love so much. It has been my experience that people either fall completely in love with France after they have returned, or they totally hate it due to a bad experience while traveling there. In doing some research, I found that many of the negative experiences that tourists can have in France stem from cultural misunderstanding. It is for this reason that I began offering my very unique Family Friendly France Tour. My Family Friendly France Tour is an excellent introduction to Worldschooling and ideal for those who would really like to travel to France but are a bit unsure. This tour is also EXCELLENT for experienced travelers who want to delve a little deeper into French language and culture.

My Family Friendly France Tours are offered once a year and it is a unique cultural, linguistic, and educational experience. I am not a travel agent, nor am I a tour guide. I am a teacher and the main goal of this trip is to TEACH trip participants how to travel in France and get the most out of their experiences. The trip is designed to help participants gain a multitude of skills that can be used in real life travel situations, not only in France but all over the world. The trip is also specifically planned and designed around the participants traveling in the group. I involve the participants in the planning process. One unique feature of this trip is that we participate in bimonthly culture and language workshops in the 8 months before travel. Participants will be given opportunities during the trip to use these skills!

These trips are FAMILY FRIENDLY, and I highly encourage participants to travel with their children! My children always accompany me on these trips. I also encourage and include everyone to participate and make our trips special needs friendly! My son has high functioning Autism and so I have extensive experience in accommodating for sensory needs.

The total cost of the trip includes:

apartment hotel accommodations
airport transfers in Paris
Bimonthly language and culture workshops
custom trip guide book
custom trip tee shirt

I do also offer excursions and tours at an additional cost. When looking for excursions to offer, I consider several different factors. The first is that I look for things that are culturally enriching and educational. My main goal with these trips is to TEACH people about France, therefore I want to offer things that will help you learn about this beautiful country and culture. The second thing I consider is the people traveling in the group. I like to get to know each of you and try to find excursions that would appeal to each person. Not everyone will want to do the same things, so I try to find a variety of activities and have at least one thing on the list that each person would find interesting. I look very closely at a company’s reputation and tend to go with companies that are based in France and operated by locals. I want to make the experiences personal and create lasting memories. I try to find excursions in a variety of price ranges so there is something that will fit into each person’s budget. Excursions and tours are not required. I always have at least one organized group activity per day but these activities are completely optional. You are always welcome to go explore on your own and in fact I encourage that with my urban challenges!

My goal with these trips is to teach people how to get around, and fully experience France.

Trip Days are always organized like this in your guide book:
1. Activity to do with Elizabeth
2. Activity organized through a tour company
3. Explore on your own ideas
4. Daily urban challenge
5. End of the day group debrief at hotel

Our next Family Friendly France Tour is in June 2017 and you can register until October 31, 2016. If you would like to hear more about the Family Friendly France Tour please visit our website at www.bonvoyagefrance.com and click on the Family Friendly France Tour tab at the top of the page!

My second unique travel opportunity is my Cavilam Immersion Camp. Cavilam is located in Vichy, France and is one of the top rated French language programs in the world. Bon Voyage French School and Cavilam are offering two French immersion camps for students ages 14 – 19. We have a one week camp in the spring and a two week camp in the summer 2017. Both camps include accommodation with a host family, intensive French language courses, cultural outings and workshops, and all meals. If you are interested in hearing more about Cavilam for your student, please visit our website at www.bonvoyagefrance.com and click on the Immersion Camps tab at the top of the page.

For more information on all Bon Voyage French School Programs please visit www.bonvoyagefrance.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bonvoyagefrenchschool You can also email Elizabeth Porter at elizabethporter@bonvoyagefrance.com

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